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About Tauranga Plumbers

Plumber Tauranga is one of the best companies to offer plumbing solutions in the city at the residential and commercial level.

We dedicate ourselves every day to satisfy our clients’ needs through our expert plumbers who guarantee high-quality services. They have enough training and years of experience to carry out any plumbing project in Tauranga.

Our company is characterized by the trust it offers to each of its clients. We provide quality work and make sure to use the best tools for it.

We respond to every call from our commercial or residential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That way, we will go in our vehicles to solve any plumbing problem regardless of the time of day.

Why Choose Us?

Over the years, we have characterized ourselves as the # 1 plumbing specialists in the city in both commercial and residential properties.

We try to satisfy the needs of our clients and make the process easier for them. We offer you a 10% discount on the first visits, plus free instant estimates. In this way, we can ensure that our prices are totally affordable for your budget.


Plumber Tauranga

We are aware that a plumbing problem can occur at any time (night or day) and anywhere. Thanks to our team of plumbers in Tauranga, you won’t have to worry about that.

Our services focus on residential plumbing, commercial plumbing, and emergency plumber. We carry out any type of project to solve your problems with pipes or drains. We stand out for carrying out maintenance, installation, repair, or replacement of plumbing systems.

Residential Plumbing

Our plumbing specialists are certified and experienced in all types of residential plumbing maintenance, restoration, and renovation.


Commercial Plumbing

Commercial properties need to offer their services to their clients, and it would not be permissible for them to present plumbing problems. We are experts in the maintenance, installation, and restoration of plumbing systems in every commercial building in Tauranga.

Emergency Services

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to meet our commercial or residential customers’ needs. Our experience and innovative tools allow us to solve any emergency you have.


Residential Plumbing Services

We offer the most affordable residential plumbing prices in the city for all of our clients’ convenience. We have innovative tools that will allow us to do an excellent job with the pipes in your bathroom, kitchen, etc.

The residential services that our company offers include:

Inspection and Maintenance

It is essential for our specialists to carry out a preliminary inspection to determine the seriousness of the situation. Once we have analyzed the affected area, we will proceed to carry out the respective maintenance of the plumbing system.


Bathroom Repair

The most common plumbing problems occur in the bathroom of a home. For that reason, you should regularly hire professional plumbers to do routine maintenance and avoid any future issues.

Replacement or Restoration of Plumbing Parts

It is very common for certain elements that make up your sink, toilet, etc., to wear out over time. For that reason, we take care of replacing or restoring parts of plumbing, such as taps, pipes, and more.

Installation of Water Heaters

Many people prefer to have water heaters in their homes as they provide greater comfort when bathing or washing their hands. Our specialized team takes care of the installation and distribution of the pipes and the water heater system.

Leak Detection

We focus on carefully detecting the places where there may be leaks. Leaks can be found both in the pipes and in some parts of the toilet.

Installation of Water Lines

Water lines can be affected by negative effects over time, causing the water pressure to drop. We take care of replacing and installing water lines to solve any problems it may generate.

Other residential plumbing services are:

  • Maintenance of the sewer system.
  • Sump pump repair.
  • Water damage restoration.
  • Drain cleaning.
  • Pipeline rerouting.
  • Unblocking of pipes.


Commercial Plumbing Services

No matter what type of problem your plumbing, drain, or sewer system has, we will be able to solve it instantly. Our work in these places is 100% effective, which is so because we know the importance of the proper functioning of any commercial property.

Our experts carry out plumbing projects in the following locations:

Medical Centers

Hospitals, clinics, or dental centers are our priority since people’s health is the most important thing. In these places, you should not have bad odors or leaks as they could affect the health of both patients and doctors in many ways.



Many people usually attend these commercial establishments. A plumbing system in these locations requires more work due to the size of the property. It is of utmost importance that as a mall owner, you hire a plumbing company like us to guarantee 100% problem-solving.


Gas Stations

We are available to carry out plumbing projects at all Tauranga gas stations. It doesn’t matter if it’s a plumbing or drainage problem, we’ll get there as quickly as possible with our vehicles.

Educational Institutions

Schools and universities are also a priority for us. It is vital to supply the educational institution with a good water distribution system.

We provide our services to other places:

  • Restaurants.
  • Airports.
  • Retail stores.
  • Warehouses.
  • Offices.
  • Hotels.

The commercial plumbing services we offer in Tauranga are:

  • Repair of the sewer system.
  • Installation or replacement of water heaters.
  • General maintenance of the plumbing system.
  • Gas and water leak detection.
  • Drain cleaning.
  • Restoration of water lines.
  • Replacement of pipes.


Emergency Plumbing Services

One of the most important aspects that characterize us and differentiates us from other companies is our availability.

Pipeline problems arise at the most unexpected times, including at night. Thanks to our fleet of vehicles and our expert plumbers’ availability, we can travel at any time of the day and night to solve your problem.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to meet our commercial or residential customers’ needs. Our experience and innovative tools allow us to solve any emergency you have.

The emergency plumbing services that we offer are:

  • The solution to water distribution problems in the property.
  • Repair of water heaters.
  • Unblocking of pipes.
  • Cleaning of sewage systems.
  • Detection and repair of leaks.
  • Maintenance of water lines.
  • Replacement of pipes.
  • Cleaning blocked toilets.

We resolve any plumbing problem your commercial or residential property in Tauranga presents with the best warranty. If you want to hire our excellent services, contact us at our phone number or send us a message. We will be there to solve any problem!

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